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Friday, March 21, 2014

Long Range WIRELESS Full HD Video Transmission, - A grand Product from INDIA

1    Dear  Readers,   In this Episode I am Introducing an Indigenous Long Range Wireless Video Transmission  product, Made by JENICONIX, Chennai, South India.   Introducing the team JENICONIX, who engaged in the field of making Wireless Equipments, Mobile Jammers etc  for  Various Security Departments  in India.   I proudly introducing this product, since its a unique product in wireless transmission  considering the world wide production. Eventhough available in    LOW PRICE,  It has many great  features, than the competitive product available in Market.  Please go through the specifications described here under..... Have a nice reading :           JOE JOHAR


The 21st century digital communication technology has been revolutionized the modern life and wireless convenience in every corner. Most wired equipment has been replaced by wireless technology and this change takes place day by day. But very little research and development have done in the wireless real time HD transmission technology. There are few solutions available in Wi-Fi / 3G network based, but when the ability to provide long rangeconnection, rigidity and security is concerned,no such solution is available.

Many face difficulty while providing multiple video connections to remotely located LCD projectors or video walls deployed in various locations during a big event such as VIP / political meeting, star events, award functions etc. At present a fiber optic,CAT 5 or coaxial cable has to lay through crowd from the mixer console to various points where projectors are installed. It may vary from few hundred meters to many kilometers. But in practice cabling across road and through crowd isdangerous and usually illegal.Laying cable over a long distance cause more money and man power which increase the total cost. in spite of various technological revolutions , there was no reliable solution available till now , but with a new Digital wireless technology developed by JENICONIX MICROWAVE SOLUTIONa Chennai based research team offers ability to connect high definition video over long distance LCD projectors for live events without the worry and hassle of cabling. The new technology has ability to send HD video without losing its original quality over a distance of kilometers .This new system also eliminate all traditional problem faced by analogwireless video system such as ghost image, noise, multipath video, signal fade offand breakage etc. The new development directly addresses the modern audio visual consumer market by providing system simplicity and reliability. 

The Technology.

JENICONIX‘s new wireless HD system has four patent pending inventions which is the result of 5 years extensive research and development. It uses OFDM (Orthogonal frequency division multiplex) technology which utilizes multiple carrier spread spectrum in a single carrier in orthogonal mode to send ultra-high speed data. The data carrier is send in parallel format which makes the transmission is less affected by noise and interferences. The MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) antenna technology used in this solution has clear advantage over traditional single antenna solution,The MIMO technology reduces multipath reflection that increase sensitivity by 3 db and also increase transmission range. 

The solution has two models; the basic system is suitable for Standard Definition (composite) format with D1 quality HD (720p) which is sufficient for a HD LCD projector or monitor applications. In this solution, stereo audio is embedded with video and transmitted in digital format to ensure that the audio is always synchronized with video even in long range operation. Anotherhigher version supports full HD transmission of 1080x1920 resolutions and accepts HDMI format. The latest model support HD-SDI interface format for professional application. The transmission is secured by 128 bit AES digital encryption technology and cannot be monitored or taped by any unauthorized person.

The frequency band used in this system is 5.8 Ghzlicense free spectrum for world wide application. It compliance with WPC India (Wireless Planning and commission .ministry of India) and FCC for worldwide use.

Main advantages.

JENICONIX “Wireless OFDM HD AVlink" technology has wide use and applications. It helps HD video to connect wirelessly and replace the long and heavy cables,saves lot of money and man power. The system can be deployed within minutes, where laying cable will take very long time and involve heavy man power. It also helps to provide link where cabling is not possible.The new technology benefits broadcast, professional event management, Film TV industry and AV rental services in number of ways.The prime feature is,itconnects audio and video wirelessly without the worry of public tripping over cables and injuring themselves. The video link can be set up within minutes without any heavy does not required any  heavy installations , no software to setup, no network to link, all necessary program and control set ups are embedded in the system that makes the technology truly user friendly.

The system requires no on sitesetup, tuning or software configuration.The embedded microcontrolleris loaded with dedicated sophisticated self-set-upfunction helps the user to start link instantly. 

Traditional wireless link depends on Wi-Fi or 3G network and its quality is greatly reduced also leads to long video latency, and many times network coverage may not available at site. If the network is busy or slowdown, the live program will fail to perform in real time. Another real practical problem is that it will not function at all when such solution is used at VIP functions/political meeting when security personal uses cell phone jammers during the program. JENICONIX`s solution is a non-network based link which works on traffic free 5.8Ghz which assures  permanent and reliable solution for  real time wireless application without any location or site restrictions

The transmission range is incredible; the basic system was practically tested for more than 4 km in line of sight (LOS) using compact antenna. The long range model has higher power and is capable to cover 30 - 40 km.

The system has two transmission models as pairing mode or broadcast mode depends on application. In broadcast model many receivers (Projectors) can be used simultaneously at various locations using single transmitter but the range is limited to 4- 6km. In pairing mode one transmitter is digitally locked with its paired receiver which is mainly used to providevery long distance secured AV link.

.JENICONIX Wireless HD AV solution.

The financial success for each program relies heavily on its installation cost, total man power to deploy the system and the ability to distribute the video content to multiple screens with an efficient network scheme. The use of JENICONIXs technology reduces the installation cost dramatically and also ensure uninterrupted video link

. Once the screen has wireless connectivity, the installation point requires only the power connection (network cables of coax or CAT5 are no longer needed).Additional infrastructure cost can be saved in systems which require broadcast of the same video content to multiple screens. JENICONIX's wireless solution allows for a single transmitter source to be broadcasted to multiple receivers without the need for additional "splitters" on the way.

This technology supports logistically: planning event coverage should be much easier and cheaper. The amount of time it takes to connect an event is greatly reduced. Although relying on adigital OFDM system, reliability should improve as the system is permanently rigged and there is less scope for miss-plugging of cables, faulty connections, and cable cut etc.

JENICONIXs fully automated systems can be operated by unskilled personnel, reducing staff numbers on-site. Not only does this reduces costs, but minimizes risks to staff on dangerous assignments or where infrastructure is poor.

JENICONIX new technology serves all Digital Signage market segments. The distribution of video content to multiple spread screens for public or customer information and advertising (in airport terminals or shopping malls) is cheaper when applying wireless video capabilities.

JENICONIX HD AV link solution available from Rs 95000 to Rs.490000 depends on model and features, the system also can be customized to meet any specific requirement. Customization can be completed with less cost and time as the technology is indigenously developed and proved. JENICONIX also offer the technology solutions for other companies as OEM and Tyler made solution. One can contact JENICONIX through mail or +91 9446447114, +91 8089426570 


Article Courtesy  :

A.V.NICHOLSON ( Technical Director)
A.V.JENSON (Director, Research and Development)

 For Trade Inquiries :

Joe Johar, 8089426570, 9446447114,
Kerala, South India

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